Biography & Philosophy

Robert Alexander Swanson is a writer of wide range, beginning his career as a performer and playwright. Branching into screenwriting, teleplays, and radio plays, Rob tackled novels and non-fiction books as a ghostwriter. His own novel Do Angels Still Fall? is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats. 

Rob has made his living writing in the commercial realm as copywriter, technical writer, instructional designer and more. He uses his full name here because his preferred name auto-corrects in a Google search to Ron Swanson. May Parks and Recreation be forever cursed.

Art always reflects an individual's beliefs. For Rob, that means Truth, Humor, Diversity, and Hope are threaded throughout his works, sometimes overtly, as in Angels and sometimes subtly, as in Lunacy and Burning Meadows


Perhaps the most flexible format for writers, I believe a story is meant to impact a reader, challenge beliefs and take the reader on a ride. 

Novels can be didactic, for teaching, or just a good yarn that is hard to put down. For me, no topics are off-base.


As rigid as novels are flexible, truly understanding what makes a movie good, from spine to structure, aids a writer in any kind of storytelling. In film there is no time for fluff. Nothing teaches editing like a screenplay.

My first sale was a screenplay and let's just say I'm thrilled it can't be found on the Internet. I learned a lot... painfully.


I've written 19 books, more than a dozen of them non-fiction books. All for other people. I can't tell you their titles because confidentiality is the ghost's creed. Still, I'm surprised that my next book will be non-fiction, on my favorite topic -- creativity.