You have an idea. More than that, you have expertise. Like so many people, you're sure you have a book in you, or an article, or a speech...

You know "Author of..." on a resume multiplies your corporate cred, but it's just not coming out right...


The craft of writing takes years of dedication and focus to master, but you've put your efforts into becoming the best in your own field, not writing.


You need a ghostwriter.


Ghosting is far more common than you know. Most celebrities and gurus use ghosts. Columns, articles, books and even letters are ghostwritten. If you see a page-turner on the shelf and think, "how does that guy have time to write a book?" He probably doesn't.

He uses a ghost.

Is ghostwriting ethical? It depends. If you call me with a title and an idea, expecting me to do the rest, that would be unethical. If you have more than an idea -- an outline, notes and research... in other words, you've done the leg work - the content is yours - you just need help shaping a monograph, then I'm your man.

The content expertise is yours; the writing expertise is mine.

My job is to capture your voice, to structure and clarify your message, so that when people read it, it is identifiably yours. Readers expect you to be an expert in your field, not mine.


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Not sure it's a ghost that you need? Maybe you just need a doctor.

A ghostwriter is a seasoned professional who takes your research, your ideas, and crafts you a monograph: fiction, non-fiction, script or narrative.