High-Impact Resumes

As any salesman knows, marketing copy is never about the product, it's about the buyer; their needs, their desires, and how the product benefits that buyer.

Resumes are the same way. It's not about you! It's about how you benefit the hiring company!

I've written over a thousand resumes for executives earning millions to students just starting their career. 

As a CPRW certified resume writer, I've developed a resume structure showing your strengths and makes the hiring manager need to call you!


You've got twelve seconds to make an impact before the reader goes on to the next resume.  While many resumes squander those precious seconds, your resume employs adult learning methodology, reading across and down, drawing the eye where you want it to go.

Other resume companies ring up your tab with services you can do yourself, such as locating markets, printing and mailing documents... all good services (and I can recommend companies if you need such services), but you'll be paying $600 to $2,000 while we both know you'll end up finding your posting on the Internet.

With me, you'll get a free evaluation of your existing resume (and if it's good, I'll tell you so), a telephone interview, a resume (one or two pages), a cover letter, and a smattering of career coaching.  Price varies on the amount of work required so you only pay for what you receive.

Get started with a no-risk evaluation.  E-mail your existing resume by clicking here and entering Free Resume Evaluation in the subject line.