Writing Services for the Aspiring Author

Getting started is difficult and no one should attempt it alone. You need:  
  • An encouraging coach to keep you on track, heads up and confident
  • A sounding board for ideas and technical support 
  • A content editor to assist with structure and assuring spine fidelity 
  • A guide to the pre-publishing world of log lines, queries, and book proposals 


Trailblazing new ground as a writer doesn't need to be a lone preoccupation. I can help you from spinning your wheels, getting discouraged, while assisting you in setting realistic goals. Encouragement is vital to the writing process.

Story Evaluation

Maybe you don't need coaching, just a second set of eyes and ears. Is your story or non-fiction book working? Does it flow, build up steam or get turned around? I can evaluate your progress and provide signposts along your project path.

Content Editing

Structure, spine, and logical progression are vital to a viable book. Tight writing is also essential. Once you've taken your book as far as you can, I can evaluate it, tighten your prose and ironclad your structure.

Query Letters

You'll need a strong query letter to reach an agent or publisher. I won't write it for you, that's your job, but I'll help you strengthen it and make it irresistible.

Book Proposal

You've finished you book. It's ready to find a home. You need a compelling book proposal. I can guide you through the process and strengthen your final draft.

Commercial Writing

I'm focusing on story these days, but if you need more traditional writing services, or if you're a former client, I am happy to consider projects on a one-to-one basis.