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Below are the projects of past, present, and future.

Do Angels Still Fall?

A novel of Faith

A Didactic Novel for Families

I have three of the most wonderful kids on the planet. We've had conversations of importance and trivia. I thought all parents did this with their children. Then I found out they didn't. Do Angels Still Fall? is a book for tweens, teens and adults, written to spur deep discussions about God's love for all of us.

Donael is a guardian angel who has received an unusual assignment -- take charge of a young boy and reveal himself.
Quickly becoming Bungy's only friend, Donael experiences the life of his charge up close. After a rash promise, Donael wonders if angels still fall?
Available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats.
Me and the Maniac in Outer Space
Best friends Hud and Jack (AKA the Maniac) discover an alien personal transportation device that can whisk them across galaxies in an eye-blink. Two teenagers in outer space... what could go wrong? 

Letters from the Waiting Room

Grief, Joy, Fear, and Hope are all things you'll find in a Waiting Room

My own letter of loss

Writing a letter can healing. My own is in the book, about the loss of my mother. Other letters are from fathers waiting to walk their daughters down the aisle, of parents waiting on adoption, and others both sad and hopeful. Available on Amazon.

True letters from trying times

Lewis Seifert is one of the best men I've ever known. A hospital administrator, he's ministered to hundreds in the real and figurative waiting rooms of life. This book collects real letters written from the depths of the waiting room. Some are sad, some are joyous, all are beautiful.


An Original Screenplay

Historical films

I have always been fascinated by the Moon Hoax of 1835, a true event that turns America on its head for several weeks. It was the perfect platform to explore the importance of belief.

Based on true events

In 1835 life was discovered on the moon. Mac is a grieving journalist ready to end it all, when the moon seems to mock him, reviving his investigative mind. He sets out to prove moon life is a hoax and learns something about belief in the process. For a copy, please inquire on the Contact page.

Burning Meadows

An Original Screenplay

World-building in Ireland

Weird, unexplained... fantasy so thick it's impossible to believe and deadly not to. I don't know where this story came from, but I love it. Fun characters, dark humor, and new ground. Everything thrilling fantasy is supposed to be.

Action, Fantasy, and a Gritty Story

Richard, a Detroit cop, returns his wife's remains to the small Irish town where she grew up. His son disappears from an open field and Richard is plunged into battle against forces he can't believe are real. Aided by a collection of eccentric townsfolk, Richard must fight to save his son and his world. For a copy, please inquire on the Contact page.

First Comes Love

An Original Screenplay

It Starts with a Single Scene

The image of a man at the front door with his little girl sadly in the doorway... it haunted me. I wanted to know who they were, so I wrote the screenplay to find out. You'll also see my love for support characters (in this and all my screenplays). They're always more fun than the leads. 

Family matters

Jake isn't an alcoholic, but he gave it the old college try. Trying to stay in his daughter's life, he's woken to the importance of family almost too late, and he'll do anything he can to preserve it. 
For a copy, please inquire on the Contact page.

Works in Progress

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The Trouble With Bees

A time travel experiment goes wild and a damaged teenager discovers he can control it. To a degree.

Creativity Wears Boots

Every books I've read on creativity takes creativity as a given. I wanted to know what it was, where it came from and what it's purpose is. I found out. This non-fiction book is in just the beginning stages.

Mercy's Run

An historical novel about a traveling preacher from a family of the West's most feared gunmen, in a small town where mercy has fled. In the middle stages.